Diary 22 September 2017

Diary 22 September 2017Sunset Last Day.jpg


Another perfect sunrise this morning, my penultimate morning in Sancerre. Class at 8.30 am and as the cafe doesn’t open until then one is straight into brain work with no assistance!

We have been working very hard this week, and I want to carry on at home but I know what will happen. There’ll be so many other things competing as a priority.

We had a pause this morning to say goodbye to the leaving students, and the students who had been to the school before were invited out to lunch with Gerard, the co-owner of the school. The Cafe des Arts (a versatile venue) where I ate a salade Sancerrois (delicious) and had a glass of wine. Dangerous at lunchtime but no chance to fall asleep with all the last minute socialising to do.

Lunch finished at 2 pm. At 2.30 pm I met up with Anne, Mark, V. and M. for a farewell coffee (in my case a decadent concoction called Trois Chocolats). Home for a couple of hours until I had to leave to collect C. and E. to escort them to V. and M.’s for a soirée to see the sunset.

The town of Sancerre itself was being rocked by the likes of the Psychodeliks (!) as a three day town party began. My poor friends Ann’s and Mark’s apartment overlooks the stage. Apparently the music would go on to 2 am! My house was far enough away that all I heard after I got home from the soirée was a dull roar.

Wonderful wine and cheese and pate with the ‘girls’. They are all staying for another week or two weeks. I realied I couldn’t find my keys which was strange because one of them is so big it looks as if it could open an ancient castle door. Eventually back with C. and E. at their apartment I realised I’d put them into C.’s bag which was very similar to mine.

I have not covered myself with glory in matters practical this trip, having issues with keys and opening bottles of wine (no screw caps here). However, the school’s director, and our teacher, Marianne, was very complimentary about my French. So I can take that away from my time in France.

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