Diary 19 September 2017

Diary 19 September 2017

Ready for Les Vendanges.jpg

Another fairly unexciting day. My mood is glum, just like the weather was this morning. I am spending far too much time by myself this week. However, there is a dinner party chez C. and E. tomorrow night, so that’s something to look forward to.

There is not one comfortable chair/couch to sit on here in this house, and the bed, like the other beds I’ve been sleeping on is HARD. I’m aching all over.

After breakfast I went for a walk in the rain to get a coffee. The rain stopped while I was reading my textbook in the cafe (they don’t do coffee to take away in France) so I had a pleasant stroll to the boulangerie and the fromagerie. Early lunch as school began at 12.30.

A funny lesson involving singing – a French chanson, of course – and a visit to the chacuterie to buy some of the famous ham of Sancerre which is smoked with twigs from the vineyards.

Then a whole afternoon and evening at home doing washing, homework, listening to French TV. Such a lovely afternoon. I could never get tired of looking down and out at the landscape which is so green and verdant, with the trees just turning to Autumn colouring.

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