Diary 17 September 2017

Diary 17 September 2017

Wall Plate

It’s amazing how difficult it is to remember the day before the day after! There are so many little events each day, then all the French to remember.

Yesterday I was up and about reasonably early, buying bread and an eclair around 9, then stopping in at the Cafe des Arts which seems to have the best coffee in town (it’s very popular with the locals). There I worked on various haiku I’ve been writing since I’ve been here, both in English and in French.


under a dark sky

the crows circle the tower —

a storm is coming

(sous le ciel sombre

les corneilles faire le tour de la tour

un orage viens)

© Pauline O’Carolan 2017

At 11.15 am I went to visit Ann and Mark to pick up supplies that were missing from my new house – toilet paper!, dishwashing liquid and washing powder for washing clothes. After that, lots of washing. Then Ann and Mark visited for drinks and snacks, before the concert at Notre-Dame, Sancerre which we’d been eagerly awaiting.

The concert was wonderful. A duo of violinists, joined by two teenagers from time to time also playing violin delighted us with early music, Vivaldi, Mozart, Dvorak, and English folk songs.

A very happy ending to the day!

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