Diary 16 September 2017

Diary 16 September 2017

Rainbow Over the Loire

Ann and Mark arrived at around 10 am to help move me out of the Maison de la Tour. Sigi arrived soon after 10 so I got to say goodbye and how much I’d enjoyed my stay. I then had to fill in the time until 4 pm, but that turned out to be really pleasurable.

First, we went to the Sancerre market which consisted of a fruit and vegetable stall, and a butcher’s van. I conducted my shopping in French and it went very well. I even scored some free persil (parsley). Mark was buying a few different types of meat at the butcher’s – apparently some of the locals were grumbling that he was keeping the old people waiting too long!

We bought the best éclairs ever (coffee) and our daily baguettes at the boulangèrie, then had coffee at Couleur et Saveur, which combines gift shop and coffee shop/wine place. I’ve been in there for a few hot chocolates and coffees as it’s nice and quiet.

Afterwards we helped C. and E. move to their new apartment across from the school and stayed talking for ages. They are wonderful women – very inspirational as they travel and tackle French in their 70s and 80s.

Then lunch of tea and éclairs, followed by shopping (Ann and I). We had a fun time, visiting two enticing shops.

My purchases? See below.


At 4 pm we were waiting for Francois at my new house, La maison du Guetteur.  Mark rang him for me after we listened about six times to the answering machine, trying to ‘get’ the mobile number from the rapid French message. Eventually Francois arrived and Ann and I were captivated by the views and the quirky charm of the house.

I had dinner using the mushrooms and tomatoes I bought at the market and watched French TV for the first time.

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