Diary 12 September 2017

Diary 12 September 2017

In My Sancerre House

I could sleep in this morning as class didn’t start until 2.45 pm. So lovely to potter in pajamas with no one miaowing to be fed. This is very comfortable but I’m not used to having so much space. The washing machine is downstairs so I throw my dirty washing over the banisters and pick it up when I’m ready to go out.

I am spending a lot of time walking, enchanted again by the age of the buildings here. My own house was built in the 15th century. I also had a decadent cappuccino with Chantilly cream on top at Cafe des Arts. At the same time I wrote 500 words not of my novel but around various events.

Lunch of bread and goats cheese (so good) then class until 6.45 pm. A quick dash home then off to Auberge Joseph Mellot with a group of students for a wine tasting. Florian had prepared cheese, pate and bread for us and we sampled more Sancerre wines. Afterwards a smaller group, hungry despite the snacks, went to dinner at Auberge L’Écurie. I ate pizza and followed it with iccream. It was a very late night (11pm), and I hadn’t done my homework!  School was at 8 am. Groan.

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