Diary 11 September 2017

Diary 11 September 2017

Ecole de Langues.jpg

Well, our classes started today at Coeur de France, the language school in Sancerre, that I had also attended in January 2015. Unfortunately instead of two classes we have one very large class of 13, and instead of being at the Intermediate level we have a range of abilities, including a beginner. Not what I expected. Hopefully during next week we will have small classes.

We have two Canadians, one man from Costa Rica, four Australians, and the rest are from the States. Almost without exception the students are very pleasant, interesting people, some very funny as well. Three are men, the remainder, and our teacher Marianne, are women. Ten of the thirteen are are in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Class began at 8 and finished at 12. In the afternoon a group of us went to a vineyard (Domain Henri Bourgeois) where the harvest had begun today. It was cold and windy but after the wine tasting I think we were all very warm. I could feel my cheeks becoming quite red.

The evening was spent quietly at home, doing my homework and recovering from the delicious wine.

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