Diary 9 September 2017

Diary 9 September 2017

Coffee Time.jpg

A very busy morning before travelling to Sancerre from Paris on the 14.14 train from Gare de Paris Bercy.

Fortunately the lift was working as my suitcase is rather heavier than when I arrived. I left it with H. in her apartment while I went out for breakfast and in search again of a definitive church for my novel’s church scene.

The two churches were Saint Séverin and Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre, both just over the Seine on the Left Bank. The former was beautiful, Gothic and Flamboyant; the other Romanesque.

Saint Severin

Saint Julien-le-Pauvre

I enjoyed looking at them both as they were so very differen. The visit to Saint Julien was rather spoiled because whoever was in the church office was smoking and the smell permeated the whole building. While I was outside recovering in the fresh-ish Paris air, a bird pooped on my jacket. Smoke, bird poo – not my day.

On the way back to H.’s I spotted a vibrant market. Pity I wasn’t in Paris for dinner; I could have bought some very nice supplies. Saturday will continue in my next post.

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