Diary 10 September 2017

Diary 10 September 2017

Sancerre from a Distance

So much happened on Saturday that I will finish off the story of the day before getting on to what happened on Sunday.

I had lunch with C. and R. at the apartment but couldn’t relax as I was anxious to get to the station on time. I’d wanted to go by metro, which I understand well, but C. insisted that the bus was better. The housekeeper took my case and rushed me to a stop on Boulevard St Germain. I got to the station in a state of panis – only 10 minutes before the train was due to leave. Just as well I was travelling First Class – plenty of room and very comfortable, so I had a chance to recover. That is the problem with going against your instincts – not good for a worrier!

The weather was lovely and the trip uneventful. There were other students on the train, too, and we were met by taxis that whisked us off to Sancerre (the station is at Cosne-sur-Loire). My Airbnb host met me at La Maison de la Tour, my home for the next week. Such a big house for one person. The kitchen and bathroom are modern, as is my bedroom, but there are all sorts of nooks and crannies up and down staircases, inside cupboards etc. The host’s 10-year-old son took delight in showing me everything!

View from my Window

At 6 pm I met some of the other students at Coeur de France, my language school. Immediately hit it off with a couple from Melbourne, and two women from Perth. Other students are from Canada, Puerto Rico, and most of course are from the USA.

I went to dinner with Mark and Anne (from Melbourne) at Auberge L’Écurie, Rue de la Tour du Chancelier. Steak and frites! Heaven.

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