Diary 8 September 2017

Diary 8 September 2017

Door Ile Saint Louis

The lift wasn’t working on Thursday night or on Friday morning. These are the stairs that I had to walk up and down – the servants’ stairs from when the maids lived up on the seventh floor of the building. Going down wasn’t too bad but up!!

This photo is looking up the elegant public stairs.

Up the Elegant Stairs

This morning I was out at a reasonable hour. First stop Fragonard’s Musée du Parfum where I went on a free guided tour, and bought three bottles of perfume.

Musee du Parfum.jpg

Then to Uniqlo to buy a couple of shirts. I also picked up a raincoat as frequent rain is forecast.

Set lunch at Cafe Med, 77 Rue Saint Louis En L’Île on Île Saint Louis. I can only remember the vegetable soup! That’s my memory, not the food, which was delicious.

Later in the afternoon a visit to Saint-Louis-en-l’Île, a lovely 17th century church. I’ve visited it often before but I’m looking for the perfect location for a scene in the novel I’m writing (supposed to be writing).

St Louis

Pizza dinner with H. and family. Another very French evening.


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