Diary 7 September 2017

Diary 7 September 2017

Monet's Garden 1

The weather forecast was good so I decided to take the train out of Paris to Verdun and Monet’s Garden. I’d been there before, in October 2013, so the gardens would be similar. I have fantasies of creating a water garden in the back yard of my cottage in the future.

Instead of catching the shuttle bus from Verdun station to the Garden, I took Le Petit Train instead (€8). It wound its way through Verdun before heading to Giverny, and I decided to go back in time to look around the town with its many half-timbered buildings. There was an interesting commentary on the train but I was unimpressed by a vapid American woman who kept making unenthusiastic interjections as she and her partner cuddled in front of me.

Fortunately I could avoid them as I drifted around the gardens for the next couple of hours. Although there were many visitors it was bearable and I found quiet places to sit and dream.

Monet's Garden 2.jpg

Monet's Garden 4

That night my host and her family took me to dinner at a crêperie on Île Saint Louis. Cider not wine with the meal (I prefer wine!).

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