Diary 4 September 2017

Diary 4 September 2017

The least said about flying from Australia to just about anywhere the better! I did enjoy the Emirates flight from Dubai rather than the Qantas one from Sydney. Fourteen hours in one stretch is just too long and there seemed to be more room in the Emirates plane.

Left Sydney at 3.50pm on Sunday and arrived in Paris at 9.30 am on Monday. I caught the RER train B from Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to St Michel-Notre Dame and found the apartment without too much trouble. By that time it was past lunchtime (the wait for luggage took forever). I met my hostess, H, and she was very kind, inviting me for lunch with her and her two children, S and F. We had a great chat and I enjoyed the chicken curry and salad (with basil picked from her balcony) for lunch. The view from H’s appartment is similar to that from my sudio, which once was a chambre de bonne (maid’s room) – Notre Dame, the Seine, les Invalides.

After lunch we ascended in a  vey small, claustrophobic lift to the studio. The views, which I’ve shared on my Facebook page, PaulineinParis, are amazing.

After a shower and change of clothes I was eager to get out and about, and I had to go and meet Patrick off the Barcelona train at 4pm. I walked, remembering the route via Île Saint-Louis from previous holidays. While I waited for the train I watched the people at the station. A fascinating mix of the French and tourists. When the train pulled in I was right at the exit, waiting. A lovely reunion. He was so pleased to see me.

After a nap for both of us back at the apartment we walked to Village Saint-Paul and had a delicious dinner at Au Bouquet St Paul, 85, rue St Antoine.

Au Bouquet St Paul

Good food and friendly service. Absolutely balmy evening, perfect for lingering over a meal and strolling home, replete.

At the Airport

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