Back in Paris

Back in Paris

Notre Dame from my Window

It’s 5.40 pm on Wednesday and I’m sitting in my tiny apartment listening to the bells of Notre-Dame, just across the street (rue de Cloîtres) from No 4. I can hear sirens, my neighbours talking, people in the gardens outside the cathedral and traffic.

Today we heard an awful wailing siren at midday. Patrick googled it and apparently the first Wednesday of every month at midday the French sound an air raid alarm. Very disconcerting but fortunately nothing more sinister!

I have been lax about blogging since I got here, but put that down to having company. It was so wonderful to see my beloved youngest son at Gare de Lyon on Monday afternoon, after not seeing him since 18 April when he headed off to his job in Sweden. Now that Patrick has flown back to Gothenburg I can blog and catch up with you all, and work on the scenes in my novel that are set in Paris.

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