Diary 8 January 2015

Diary 8 January 2015

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After an evening watching TV, I was again watching it first thing on waking to see if there was any news of the terrorists. Fortunately I’d made a nail appointment so I couldn’t stay at home dwelling on the fact the suspects were still at large. The nail experience (in the rue Lamarck) was a very strange one. My ignorance of the vocabulary of the nail artist in France didn’t help. Instead of the refill of acrylic nails, I was instead given a set of gel nails. In addition to the €35 for the nails I made the mistake of having them painted instead of au naturel. Another €8! It made me very thankful for my AUD30.00 all in at home. In previous trips to Paris I hadn’t been able to spy out nail artists; obviously Montmartre is a place to go.

As an observer of Parisian life I thought I’d better throw myself into the world of les soldes (sales) which had started on 7 January. My post on les soldes is by far the most read article I’ve written for Pauline in Paris.

Today was a day of national mourning. On the metro all the trains stopped running and on the platforms we all stood with our heads bowed for a minute’s silence – a very sombre atmosphere.

I went to Printemps  where I wasn’t inspired to buy anything then to Galeries Lafayette which I enjoyed looking around more. The crowds were, it seemed to me, smaller and less excited than in previous years. I looked around all the acres and consumer goods – beautiful clothes, bags, perfumes, jewellery – and my shopping gene remained completely dormant. I think we probably all wondered how we could do something so inconsequential when the Charlie Hebdo staff and the police officers had been slaughtered. I did buy some clothes for my grandchildren but that was all. I also took some pictures to update my soldes post.

That was enough for me! I spent the evening at home, again watching TV. Not quite the holiday I’d imagined.

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