Diary 26 December 2012

Diary 26 December 2012

passenger jet silhouette against a soft blue background











Here I am at Hong Kong Airport with four hours to wait until my connecting flight to Paris (boarding at 22.50). I couldn’t find my beautiful watch this morning and my mobile’s off, so I’m relying on my computer to be my timekeeper (I’ve set it to HK time). It’s very quiet where I’m waiting but as I’ve no money to spend here I really have to amuse myself in a sedentary way.

My flight was fantastic! I had a Seat Plus on my Qantas flight — window seat with extra room along the side, and to cap off my luck, there was no one in the aisle seat so I could curl up over the two seats. The passengers in my section were very well behaved until right at the end of the flight as we were landing in Hong Kong when there was a contretemps over window blinds with a vicious blonde in the row in front. The steward had told her to open the blind and she had left it closed and closed mine! I opened mine again and told her they had to be open. She went ballistic! I thought she was going to jump the seat and flatten me. The steward came over and reiterated that the blinds had to be up for landing. Later on he told me to have a drink after my lucky escape. We had a good giggle over the craziness of some people. I was quite pleased that after such an uneventful flight there was a tiny drama to be my first adventure of the trip. Hopefully the vicious blonde won’t be sitting next to me on the next flight!!

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