10 Top Travel Tips for Paris

10 Top Travel Tips for Paris

Paris View from Notre Dame












These are my 10 top travel tips for Paris, in no particular order.

Tip 1

Sleeping: Stay as close to the centre of Paris as possible. There’s no financial advantage to staying in the suburbs and they aren’t necessarily very pleasant.

Tip 2

Packing: Don’t take too many clothes — leave space to buy something in Paris.

Tip 3

Booking: Book ahead from home as much as possible, especially for the big sights like the Eiffel Tower and any shows or art exhibitions. Otherwise the queueing will be for hours.

Tip 4

Researching: Do your homework before you go otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time. If you have a lot of time or just want to soak up the atmosphere, research may not be so vital. (But it’s fun!)

Tip 5

Renting: Stay in an apartment rather than a hotel if you want a more interesting experience.

Tip 6

Speaking: Learn some French, at least greetings and politenesses.

Tip 7

Travelling: Learn to use the metro by watching videos on YouTube. That will help if you don’t read French.

Tip 8

Cruising: Don’t miss a trip on the Seine.

Tip 9

Walking: Don’t take the metro everywhere. You will see a lot if you walk. And walking tours will find hidden delights for you.

Tip 10

Paying Attention: Watch out for gypsies and pickpockets and other pests on the metro and near the tourist sights, and for dog poo on the footpaths (generally the French don’t clean up after their dogs).

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