Music and Love

Music and Love

Today I’m thinking of music and love. Both engrossing topics

ABC Classic FM (92.9) is in the throes of the annual Top 100 Countdown, a survey of listeners’ favourite pieces in a particular music classification. Previous Top 100s have included Top 100 Opera, Top 100 Mozart, Top 100 Piano and Top 100 Chamber Music.’  This year, to my delight, it’s the Top 100 Music of France (Musique de France).

This afternoon I listened to the rapturous voices of Olga Borodina, mezzo soprano and José Cura, tenor, singing ‘Softly Awakes My Heart’ (Mon couer s’ouvre à ta voix’) from Samson and Delilah (Samson et Dalila) by Camille Saint-Saëns. It makes me so happy that I’m learning the French language and can in some way participate in the beautiful sounds of the French language.

Listening to the duet makes me think of love – passionate, all-consuming love. Not a good topic when going home to be alone except for a cat! French males sound so sexy. The sound of a French male’s voice wraps around you, warm and caressing and a little bit wicked. Just like French hot chocolate (chocolat chaud). Pity my friend S., of all the languages he was fluent in, had to end up with a German accent. Not warm, caressing or the least bit wicked.

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