Paris Sales 2015 (Les Soldes)

Paris Sales 2015 (Les Soldes)

First Buys, Soldes

First Buys, Soldes

We get used to constant sales and reductions in Australia, especially in times (like now) of retail decline, so it’s refreshing and ‘special’that the French have only two sale periods a year. The government regulates the dates of the Paris Sales or soldes. Look for the signs everywhere in the shop windows: Soldes.

Paris Sales  2015 — dates

The 2015 Winter sales in Paris began on Wednesday 7 January 2015  and ended on Tuesday 10 February 2015.

The dates for  Summer 2015 have also been released. Put Wednesday 24 June 2015 to Tuesday 28 July 2015 into your diary!

And the Winter 2016 dates are Wednesday 6 January 2016 to Tuesday 16 February 2016.

The Paris Sales are wonderful; your favourite shop is bound to have lots of bargains. Window shopping at this time of year should lead to buying more than you would at other times. As retail is suffering prices dropped more rapidly in the Winter 2013 sales than normal, so if you can hold off shopping for the first week you should do even better.

Tip: Work out your European sizes before beginning to shop.

I had an unsatisfactory  excursion in the Paris Sales of 2012 when I visited the famous Repetto store in search of ballerina flats and had no idea of my foot size. The shop was so busy there was no way to try on shoes until I discovered my size.

Tip: Wear layers that are easily removed, and shoes that are easy to slip off.

If you are in and out of shops the easier it is to take your clothes and shoes off, the happier you’ll be. This is more difficult during the Winter sales as you will be wearing coats, gloves, scarves etc.

Tip: Shop early in the day.

Start early when you have the most energy. The shops will get much busier later in the day, especially during the Summer sales when there are more tourists in town.

Tip: Just looking.

It’s fun to spend time just looking at the designer dresses. If you are brave you can even try them on with no intention of buying.

Tip: The French are small!

You will find that the French seem much slighter than Australians and Americans. I hardly saw an overweight person. French children in particular are petite. You should buy things labelled for a child older than the one you’re actually buying for.

6 Responses to Paris Sales 2015 (Les Soldes)

  1. Noel Goehring says:

    Do you mean the Winter Paris sale starts on Wednesday January 7th?? The 8th is Thursday…thanks!

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Pauline, this is my first time going to the January sales in Paris! Are all the stores on sale as in June? Or are there a bit less products on sale?

    Thank you!

    • pauline says:

      Hi Tony The sales will be just as good as the June ones. The prices drop further as the sale month continues. I’m excited to be here during the first week. Who can resist a bargain? Pauline

  3. Jean says:

    I will come to Paris on 12 February. There will be any discounts?

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